Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Tomb with a View

Rumor has it that there's some good news this morning!
May everything in your life be blessed with new beginnings and celebration!


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling, and it is very good

Alberta and Ava said...

You made me smile this beautiful Easter morning. Happy day!

DJ said...

We could all use some Good News!

The fact that blows me away is:
If only one human (the person reading this) were lost, He still would have sacrificed everything just for one person!
Makes ya feel valued, huh?

Hey!Gotta go blog about that...

DJ said...

PS ~ Hey, Jean, did you do the awesome drawing?
Well done!

Jean said...

Yes, I did, DJ. Happy Easter to you! I hope your little grandson is back in good health!!