Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Ordinary Day...NOT

Such an ordinary's from my dad's apartment in Chicago around 1958. He and my mom met when they lived in the same apartment building.

I thought about using this photo for my Taking Flight chapter 4 project, "Finding the Sacred in the Ordinary". But the photo seemed just a little too ordinary!

The chapter encourages us to look at the ordinary events in our life, so I did that today...I start the day in an ordinary bed. Ordinary, but so comfortable...and I just love my cloud robe that is sooo soft (probably because it is soooo old - it really is time for a new one).

And I start up my ordinary teapot...which I use "religiously" every morning to make that oh-so-important cup of coffee.

And while the water is warming up, I feed my ordinary cat his breakfast. A bit more carefully these days, because his breakfast and dinner are now served with an injection of insulin.

Then, it's off to ordinary day at preschool. Where ordinary children enjoy one of the first real spring days by painting and playing one of the children is painting a picture of the bubbles that the other ordinary children were making today....

Then time to come home to see some of the first ordinary buds in our back yard.

And to take a peek at the ordinary garden in these early spring days...

And off to the barn with my ordinary daughter to visit her ordinary horse. The horse who began as a rescue, and can now win champion ribbons at shows. The horse she loves.

Come to think of it...there's nothing at all ordinary about my day. How bout yours?


Nikki said...

I recognize those bubbles! :) :) Glad your unordinary day was a good one! {hug}

DJ said...

Jean, Isn't it extraordinary that your day was viewed so differently when captured in photos?
I wonder what other "monumental moments" we humans are missing out on?
Hmmm...I think I'll talk about your blog on my blog...
Blessings, my friend!

ruthie said...

Hi jean, just came from DJ's blog, i love this post! so inspiring. we are surrounded by "precious things" aren't we. I found that taking photos every day really opens up my eyes to my world. thans for this lovely post

Say It In Color said...

Thank you for your JOYFUL is calming and gives one a secure feeling in A SOMETIMES SCAREY WORLD....ORDINARY is good....if we can see it....I still have the FAN like the one in your photo of your Dad's room...still works....and a table like his....a family know, just an ordinary table.....but so cherished....THANKS!! sherry