Friday, April 10, 2009

Who's Your Favorite Blogger?

It's so much fun to visit other people's blogs! Not only to see what they're up to, but also to see which blogs they like to visit. I love to see all of the variety that's out there...

art blogs
writing blogs
cooking blogs
humor blogs
gardening blogs
and even blogs about style!

(I could go on and on and on...but I think you get the idea)

So here's what I'm wondering today...what is your favorite blog and what makes it your favorite? Don't keep me wondering...I know you're out there! I look forward to hearing from you! Till then...


Suzi_Spirit Whispers said...

I couldn't possibly settle on one favourite I enjoy so many! But, as you are on that list i've 'tagged' you, lol, hope you dont mind. (see my post "ive been tagged"

Jean said...

Thanks for your comment Suzi! And thanks (I think?) for tagging me. I'm working on my list of seven things :) It's harder than I thought it would be!!

Carmen said...

Are you kidding? Pick just ONE??? I have over 300 in my reader. lol You're right, there are so, so, so many inspiring blogs out there.

I linked to a bunch of my faves on my blog today. ♥

Have a great day!


Jean said...

I think you said it well, Carmen! How could anyone pick just one? You've got a great list of links on your blog...I think I'm about to find a few more favorites, INCLUDING YOURS!! Thanks for commenting :) It's always fun to find another artist!!