Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking Flight...In Process

Just a few photos of the cover so far....

With a brayer, I added Pyrrole Red, Hansa Yellow Medium, Titanium White, and a wee bit of Burnt Sienna (while I kept the face covered).

(I painted the face with an acrylic mixture of White, Yellow, Red, and Cerulean Blue Chromium - all in Golden Fluid Acrylics)

Thank you to Milliande's Art Journal January for showing me a very easy way to make flesh color paint!

I painted the shirt with a combination of the red, yellow and white. While I don't usually "pick" orange, I do like the look of it on this cover!

At this point, I'm glad that I took pictures of the cover before I painted it. I'm not too pleased with the complete look of this cover so far...but it is still in process, so I'll be patient. (Sounds a bit like life in general, eh?)

See you real soon!

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