Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking Flight...Continued

Well, well, well! I am pleasantly surprised at the finished product! I'll share the photos with you for now, but I'll have to come back tomorrow to tell you about the process. I got myself in such a "creative groove" tonight, that it is now way past my bedtime, and I do have a day job that I must be at in the morning (cheerful and awake would be a plus, too!)

So, enjoy the photos for now. Thank you to my friend who encouraged me to do this project!! Can't wait to see yours!! :)

Now I want to get my hair cut!!

Good Night!
See you soon!


Unknown said...

OMG!!!!! I loooove it! So glad you art-ed last night (even if it wasn't at my house, lol). This turned into a very different piece than it started out; what a different feeling, from your soft watery colors to this brightness! Can't wait to talk about it w/ you sometime! :)(And your hair would look super cute like that!) :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I absolutely love this piece of art. I was so inspired that I've now ordered the book myself - can't wait for it to arrive.
Thank you for sharing.
Bright Blessings.


Jean said...

You'll enjoy it, Samantha! I'm glad that I'm going through the book with a friend. I actually think we'll get through the whole thing! I have too many other "creating" books that I've read, but haven't completed a single project!! Time will tell on this one :)

Veronica said...

OH my I love this canvas and to be honest I haven't heard back from the gal that won the stamp set. do you know her? maybe she is just busy.... Did you win anything this year? I didn't but I did gain a ton of wonderful blogs like this one. I just love your art. Simply breathtaking and the orange.... I love orange. off to read more of your wonderful blog.
hugs Veronica