Monday, July 20, 2009

Whoa!! Hold Your Horses!

Somebody call the Sherriff! I think these ponies are breaking laws for cuteness!

But it did seem like a perfect day to bring them out to play. Even Tigger decided to join in on the fun!

Just a few more days, and these darlings will be galloping over to my Etsy Shop. The glazes are my new FUN glazes from Amaco - Baby Blue, Pink, Lilac and Green. Yum!

(and thank you to the folks at Playmobil for the sweet props...and here I thought that those toys were just taking up space in my basement!!)

Till we meet again,


butterfly woman said...

Hi Jean,
Bev here stopping by to say hi. I love how you make the galloping horses into a story form. And Tigger adds just the right touch. Cute, cute! I cannot wait to see the horses at Etsy. You have a wonderful eye-catching shop there and have really inspired me to keep working on my own blog and future Etsy shop!
Have you been doing ceramics long?

Jean said...

Hi Bev!
Thanks for stopping by :) I first tried ceramics about 10 years ago. I was trained by a teacher who didn't allow us to make "anything that was cute." I think it took me this long to realize that there is a place in the world for cute, and I'm glad I finally set my creative spirit free!

I'll visit you at your blog and your Etsy! Keep up the creating!!
Jean :)

Alberta said...

Do it! Make a shrine; they are so much fun and oddly liberating, I cannot begin to tell you. I am so in love with your little ponies, adn little houses. I know you would make awesome shrines, if you got started. Keep me posted....


ruthie said...

jean - these are sooo cute, love the colours. thank you for your comments on my blog - ps i used to hate my photo being taken, but have become quite immune now after a project i did taking self portraits!

DJ said...

These turned out beautifully!
They're precious, and you're absolutely right: There is a place in the world for CUTE.
The way our world is going, I think we could use more CUTE ! LOL~