Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Creating Smiles

I have a 17 year old daughter who knows what she wants to do in life, and she's had the support of her family to follow those dreams. Shes' been riding for about 10 years now.

Being a girl of small stature, training ponies is something that my daughter is seriously considering as her life's calling. She recently heard from a former instructor of hers who bought an adorable small pony for her 4 year old son to ride. The pony is only 2, and it was never ridden before. The mom is too big to ride the pony (as most adults are), so she called my daughter to help train it. I had a chance this week to join my daughter for one of her training days. I am so proud of my daughter, and of the love she has for these beautiful animals!

Just wanted to share these photos of true "pony" love...enjoy!

Go on now, and create some smiles of your own today!

Till next time,


DJ said...

How blessed is your daughter to have a defined passion at such a young age.
And how blessed will be all the animals she works with in the future...
Love & Laughter

Emily said...

So cute! Love the pics of the pony and your daughter! Miss you!

butterfly woman said...

To find that joy in life and having support of family early on, how much better can it get?
By the way, I would love to paint that pony, what beautiful coloring. What joyful spirits (your daughter and pony, of course).

Jean said...

Hi DJ, Emily and Bev :)
Thanks for your comments! I think my daughter is too young to realize how blessed she really is. But then again, we all need to be reminded occassionally of how blessed we are, don't we :)

Miss you, too, Emily! Hope to see you soon to hear all about your "cruise" :)

Bev, I'll send you some photos of the pony for you to paint!!