Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank You for Rainbows!

I just had to say thank you to our Creator for providing this wonderful bit of inspiration for me yesterday! I did like the colorful image of pencils that I used in yesterday's post, but this one takes the cake (more about cake below)! I also found a poem by Evelyn Heinz that I think you'll enjoy! If you visit you can find more beautiful and inspirational poetry by Evelyn.

How Does God Make A Rainbow?
to my grandson John Koval, in answer to his question

Oh, he takes a little boy's blue eyes
and a little girl's blond curls,
He adds a baby's tiny pink fingers
and ten tiny toes.
Plus, He adds a father's loving arms
and a mother's tears.
Then He stirs them all together
with His watercolors...
And... He paints the stormy sky.
John, that's how God makes a rainbow!

Evelyn Heinz
Copyright ©2009 EvelynHeinz

Awwww....What a lucky boy John is to have Grandma Evelyn in his life!!

Ah yes...I mentioned cake earlier....if you're in the mood to cook, visit Aleta Meadowlark's blog Omnomicon to learn how to make a RAINBOW CAKE!! So cool!!! I can't wait to try it out!! You can bet that I'll be including this recipe in my preschool newsletter for our April Showers Brings May Flowers unit!!

Well, I'm off to my upstairs studio space to continue my week of creating. I'll be posting some photos of what I've been up to later on today - I just wanted to do a quick check in to share some rainbows with you! If you're having a dreary, rainy day today...I'll wish for some rainbows to come your way!

Till next time...


Aleta said...

Heyy, glad you liked my picture enough to share!

btw: it's "Omnomicon." Think "om nom nom nom." I normally am not the kind of jerk to point out misspellings, but an "Omnicon" is a type of in, the cartoon show about cars transforming into robots. Come to think of it, I kind of like the misspelling, hehe.

Jean said...

Who wouldn't like your pictures Aleta?? And I will make the correction to the spelling - I'm glad you pointed it out :) My kids are too old for me to know the names of the Transformers, otherwise I might have caught the misspelling myself :)

Jen said...

Aw Mom, you're adorable! I'm glad that you're taking time for yourself to do art during your spring break! Everything looks really cool! I know what you mean about colors...I love seeing the entire array of choices. And, I know how you feel about StumbleUpon...It's quite the time waster!