Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break Art...

Well, it's Saturday night...just two more days left until my spring vacation is over, and I return to my life as a preschool teacher. I really am looking forward to seeing the darling kids and my co-workers again, but the time off has been absolutely necessary and absolutely awesome!! There's something almost sacred about going to sleep as late as I want...not setting an alarm...letting my body rise when it is ready...and of course, creating art all week long without thinking about my typical Monday-Friday routine.

I had hopes of "completing" a lot of creative projects this week, but I can't say that I completed anything at all so far. It's been a week of mostly process stuff. I'm okay with that, because I've been having a great time playing as well as having a lot of insights into myself as an artist.

Most of my creating this week involved a pile of used book covers. I ended up covering 8 of them with maps and 2 with music - after I find some more old looking sheet music, I'll be making more of those music ones!

I brought out some collage elements and some paper shapes to explore different layout ideas and to see if any themes jumped out at me. I had lots of fun digging through my old stamp collection that I've had for over 30 years. Who knew back then that I'd be using them in mixed media art projects! And boy, did the memories come back as I looked through them!

I noticed that the maps needed something more on them, so I made some stamps out of some strange black foam material that was lying around my art room. Then I had fun experimenting with paints. One thing I've learned about myself lately, is that I really enjoy watching the transformation of my art from beginning to ending. Not so coincidentally, I also enjoy watching that transformation in the preschool kids I teach!

Well... that's it for today! Till tomorrow...

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Jen said...

I absolutely adore the way you used those stamps in your mixed media project! Those stamps have a lot of potential to do cool things :)
I'm glad you enjoyed your week of relaxation, you definitely deserve it. Glad you're having fun madre!