Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Living Life...

I just finished another 2 page spread in my Art Journal. There are so many pages that "need to be finished," and I found myself really hesitating to get started. The background was already painted orange, but I was just stuck with what to do next.

I did some exploring of my favorite blogs, and came up with the idea of "circles" from Misty Mawn's Art Journaling Prompts. Circles...I can do that! But, now what?

I started to think about the times that I "get stuck" when I'm creating. Those times when my inner voice loudly whispers, "Just do it, Jean!" but I still don't listen. In my heart, I know that the journey begins with a single step...but why can't I take that single step sometimes? I think for me, it's a combination of two things: first, being tired from all of my typical daily activities and second, having too many creative choices to choose from.

So, I devised a plan...a simple plan! I thought of just a few things that I can do creatively when I am totally unmotivated to choose. Easy choices requiring very little preparation and absolutely no planning. Skip the thinking...just act!

So, here is my very short list of things to choose from when I am feeling tired and unmotivated, but know deep in my heart that once I get started, I will have so much fun creating!! (I didn't say it was a short sentence, just a short list!)

1. Cut words out of a magazine
2. Cut pictures out of a magazine
3. Paint a page of my art journal with gesso
4. Color a page of my art journal using the first "coloring tool" I see


So, based on my new theory, here is what I came up with....

Once I started cutting out the words from my Body & Soul Magazine (always a great source for positive words), the creative juices began to flow. Next thing I knew, I was looking down at a collection of words that I want to describe my life. The important things in life...what I hope for...

See you next time!
Keep on Creating!


DarklyFey said...

I like O Magazine for cutting out words, but your Body and Soul magazine looks awesome, too!

And I just love Mary Oliver. She's a priestess, if you ask me.

Nicole said...

I really like your art journal page. It's very inspiring to look at. You have a great list of not-feeling-so-creative activities there. I might have to steal a couple of them!!!

Jean said...

I forgot about O Magazine! It's always got a great collection of quotes, too! Thanks for reminding me DF!

Nicole, feel free to use my ideas. I needed to keep my list short and simple, otherwise I get overwhelmed by choices!!

Off to create! See You!

Tara Sophia said...

This is a really great reminder. If only we could always keep it simple and just jump in. I find often we get the energy we need to do the thing but the energy we get from starting and actually doing it. But it can be tough to get over the hurdle. I like the metaphor of these simple steps!