Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Four Seasons

I've been working on a fun project at Coach Creative Space called "Four Seasons." There are twelve artists who will each be making four pieces of art to represent the seasons. We can use any media we want (we even have someone writing haiku!).

I decided to make trees in mixed media. My first tree ended up being a winter wonderland! The base is card stock covered in texture medium. I did some garage sailing :) and brought home some very inexpensive collage items to use. I sprinkled my tree with sparkly white glitter, pearls and beads. I only wish my camera could give you the full effect of the sparkles!

Here's a close up peek...

Of course, spring must follow, and I'm off to a good start by carving some cherry blossoms out of clay. I love carving clay!

Will post more as it materializes! In the meantime, check out the Coach Creative Space link above and visit the "Four Seasons" group. You'll find some beautiful work there!

No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.
-Hal Borland

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Unknown said...

Lovely! And the cherry blossoms are stunning! (BTW I want an update on your life/career transitions... send me a message, please, and tell me what's up?)