Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lucky Stones

I found this description of lucky stones at Thee Nook.

So what’s a Lucky Stone ? Well, it’s a stone with a hole right through it and there are more found along the Sussex coast than anywhere else in the world. Collected and treasured as talismans from as far back as the Neolithic ages, these holy flints where considered to have magical powers and believed to be able to ward off illness and misfortune. Fishermen would not sail without them, keeping them on board to increase their catches and farmers would nail them to their barns to protect their livestock. In the Victorian days it was considered especially lucky to spit on the stone, and toss it over your left shoulder chanting:

Lucky stone lucky stone bring me some luck
Today or tomorrow at Twelve O’Clock.

Enjoy the photos of the stones I found today. It appears to have been quite a lucky day for me!!

One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks. ~Jack Penn


DJ said...

Thanks for the story and great photos! Nature is always inspirational, isn't it?

If you find Susan Roux's blog - An Artist's Journey - on my blogroll, she posted earlier this month about a secret shore where the rocks were audibly "talking"...

Honeycombs said...

I have never seen stones like it but will look out for some next time I'm at the beach. Nature fascinates.