Thursday, September 3, 2009

Creating an Easier Life!

Well...summer is quickly coming to a close for this preschool teacher/director! So I've put the clay away for a while and put some of my remaining summer energy into making the school year easier for our teaching staff.

With many thanks to Nikki for her gift of the Zutter Bind It All...I present my new ABC Assessment Record Book!!

For those of you who teach, you can understand how assessments and record keeping can take up a HUGE chunk of time. Well, this preschool teacher is ready for some extra free time!

Here's how our record books will work...There's a booklet for each of our classes and each child will have a different page (I'll try to put them in alphabetical order by first name, though our late starters sometimes mess up that plan!). Each month, we always focus on a different color (Sept - red, Oct - orange & black, Nov - brown, etc...). So, in September, I will have red pens handy to circle the letters that our children recognize or can write. In October, we'll have black pens available, in November, brown....etc. When one of our teachers is working at the literacy table, we'll just whip out that assessment book, and off we go!! Hooray for creativity, friends and the Zutter Bind It All!!

I'm also putting together booklets for our number assessments and our scissor assessments - hee hee!! I'm already imagining how much easier parent teacher conferences will be!! (and I'm imagining selling these on my Etsy shop, too!)
I must be a preschool teacher if I get this excited over keeping accurate assessment records!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are, and until next time...

Any genuine teaching will result, if successful, in someone's knowing how to bring about a better condition of things than existed earlier.
-John Dewey

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From one teacher to another...
Happy New School Year!