Sunday, May 3, 2009

starting small is ok

This is a 4x4 affirmation card I made for the Mermaid Warriors course I've been taking (offered by McCabe, the Dancing Mermaid). It is a perfect affirmation to be my first, because I'm often reminding myself that most things start out small, and after time, they grow into their full potential.

The images I chose all reflect the potential within something small. Whenever I pick up an acorn, I'm reminded of the tree that's waiting within. I think we have just as much potential within us, maybe more, if we allow those early beginnings to see daylight.

So tonight, I share just one affirmation card (because that's all I made tonight). But one is a very good place to start :)


Nikki said...

That is so cool! And, wow, 4x4 is little... you got a lot of "umph" in that small space. I keep coming back and looking at all the details.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow! I'm ready to start #5! :)

ruthie said...

Jean, thank you for your so sweet comments!look forward to seeing your ponies. it is so true that most things start small. love your card x

DJ said...

That green is one of my fave colors...
Love the black lines too.
Rock on!