Sunday, March 1, 2009

Artella Me-Flection #1

It's pretty typical of me to have more than one project going at a time...maybe it's undiagnosed ADD, or maybe it's just the way my creative mind likes to work. No excuses though...that's just how I am, and I've totally accepted that part of me!

I'm still working on Chapter 2 of Taking Flight, and I'm still slowly going through Julia Cameron's Vein of Gold. But I started something else that just felt so right for this time in my life. It's from the Artella Words and Art website, and it's called Artella's Mixed Media Me-Flections, and I just finished the first project tonight!

The first lesson was to Create a self-portrait on a map illustrating a time you felt "lost". Well, after several days of thinking about it...I came to the conclusion that I don't usually feel "lost", because I am always open to new experiences, new places and new people. I guess I see each day as a mini adventure.

The map I chose to use was of New Mexico - one of my favorite states! I haven't been there for so long, and there are so many reasons that I'd like to go back (gee, I wonder if that's why I picked that map...hmmm...)

Let's see...there's Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu where Georgia O'Keefe used to spend her summers...or the Ghost Ranch in Santa Fe which is a short walk from the Santa Fe Plaza...or the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos...and of course, there's just a whole lot of beautiful country and a whole state full of beautiful art! One of these days....not too far off....

But in the meantime...I'll keep making my art and living life in the midwest! And that suits me just fine for now! Have a great week, and remember to

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Jen said...

Let's go to Taos together! I would love to go to New Mexico sometime, it's one of the states that I've always wanted to visit.
I like your portraits! I had to draw a self portrait today for my fine arts class, but it didn't look very good. I'll have to practice, I suppose.
Only 12 days until I return!