Friday, February 20, 2009

More Whispers Journal

I knew that I would be doing more to this porject...
and I don't think I'm done yet!

There are some parts I like about the page
-the look of the "stepping stones" that go around the page
-the parts of a Rumi poem that I wrote in the center
(excerpts from "How Long Will You Hide")
-the lines that surround each "stone"
-the words that I wrote along the edges
(inspiration, energy, time, space, support, encouragement, focus, trust,
open mind and last but not are already an artist)
-the words written in the "stones" at the top and bottom of the page
(ha ha ha! written in stone!)

And there are some parts I'm not too thrilled about
(which may "magically" disappear in a future posting of this project!)

-the "zebra stripes" in the bottom right had corner
-the dashed lines along the two edges
-the placement of the words that are written along the edges
(I think they'll be ending up somewhere else on the page)
-the pen color that I chose for the Rumi poetry excerpts

It helps to get those thoughts out of my head and on to the paper (so to speak). At first I thought about making some changes and then posting the photo. But I really like documenting the process of this project. It will be fun to look back at the evolution of this project once it's completely finished!

(and speaking of "finished"....I was planning to finish this whole thing by Monday night! Yikes!! It's already Friday night! I'm so glad it's the weekend!)

To end this post, I'll copy the entire Rumi poem for you here...
Enjoy it!

How Long Will You Hide
by Rumi

How long will you hide
your beautiful
festive smile

teach your laughter
to a flower
manifest an eternity

why do you think
the door to the sky
is closed on your face

it allures and invites
your magical touch
to open and arrive

an entire caravan
is waiting in ecstasy
for your coming and leading

come on my friend
use your talisman and
harness all their souls

today is the day to unite
with your longing beloved
wait no more
for an unknown tomorrow

a tambourine is in a corner
begging your playing hands
a flute is sitting dormant
begging your happy lips

Till next time...


Unknown said...

Hm... I think you're right, I like the "stepping stones" too! What about small alpha stamps for the words around the edges?

And what's happening w/ your gessoed pages? Bring it Monday--I want to see the finished product! And I'll show you mine too... b/c it WILL be done! Oh yes, it WILL be done! LOL

Sara Moriarty said...

I love that poem. Perfect choice as it relates perfectly to you page.

I 100% relate to "wait no more" and "you are already an artist"

And thanks for sharing your process. It is so fun to watch something evolve. I always want to present the final product on my blog and forget that the part I enjoy most in reading other people's blogs is the process. I'll have to keep that in mind for future posts.

Great job.

A tired retired recluse @ said...

Hello, just stopped by to see your "creations". Love your ideas and your "conversation".