Sunday, December 28, 2008

Joy and Creating at the Stable...

An appropriate title for the "3rd Day of Christmas"

My younger daughter is a very, very serious horse back rider. For close to 10 years, she has been developing into a fine rider and realizing her greatest passion in life! Since most places require a guardian to be present until the rider is 18 years old, I've spent a huge portion of my life at the stable with her.

There are days where I really have to drag myself to the barn...times when I would much rather be upstairs with my paints, paper and glue sticks...or working with my clay in the basement studio...or curled up on the couch with a blanket and a book (or my new Stabilo Fine Line Markers!).

But when I put it in perspective, I know that I am making the wisest choice by being with her. And I also know how blessed I am that I have a 17 year old daughter who actually wants to have her mom around! How rare is that these days?

So...while my daughter continues her journey, I've been trying to find out how my journey of joy and creating fits in at the stable. And it's becoming clearer each day! Six months ago we moved to a new stable - it is the Taj Mahal of barns. Unlike our previous barn (where we spent 6 years), I can spend hours at our new "home" without worrying about my allergies turning into asthma. And I can bring my journals and drawing supplies to create while I am there. barn time has now officially become my creating time.

And it's always easy for me to find joy when I'm around horses! Here's a picture of our pony with a bandaid on her nose! Poor girl, bumped her nose somehow overnight - knowing her, she was probably being impatient while someone was passing out the hay!

Later that day, we went to yet another barn to watch my daughter's friend ride. Well...I am so glad that I went along. It turns out that one of my husband's coworkers keeps a horse there...and it was definitely the most beautiful horse there. Imagine my shock when he asked me if I would like to ride Delilah!! Oh Joy!
It was the highlight of my entire day! was one of the highlights of my day. What joyful day would be complete without friendship? day ended with a lovely dinner out with a wonderful friend. Thank you, Nikki! Let's not wait another 3 months till our next night out!

Wishing you joy till we meet again!!


Lin Neiswender said...

I *heart* your blog!


DJ said...

Way to snatch those moments and make opportunities to create whenever and wherever you can.
Love & Laughter...

Nikki said...

Love the new look to the blog!! :) And, yes, we really must have another outing soonish (maybe one involving clay?)!!